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Why cloth ?


Better for the environmentCouches lavables plus écologiques

A single disposable diaper will be used for a few hours, then stay 200 to 500 years in the environment. Two years of use will product 1 ton of waste.

Disposable diapers are made of cellulose, a component from trees which processing uses a lot of water and energy.

Choosing cloth diapers, you take your share into protecting the environment.


Better for your budgetCouches lavables plus économiques

Using cloth diapers, you save up to 75% on your diaper budget.

The cost of cloth diapers :

Diapers purchase : 400 to 700 € (1 or 2 sizes)

Washing : 100 to 200 € (with or without a dryer)

Total : 500 to 900 € for 2 1/2 years 

The cost of disposables :

Distributor brands : 0,22 € x 6 diapers x 365 d. x 2,5 yrs = 1200 €

Major brands : 0,37 € x 6 diapers x 365 d. x 2,5 yrs = 2000 €


Better for your babyCouches lavables plus douces

More and more babies are allergic to disposable diapers components, such as perfume. Cloth diapers contain no perfume, no chemicals. They are hypoallergenic and softer for your baby's delicate skin.

Temperature inside cloth diapers is lower than in disposables. And their fabric is more pleasant to wear, enhancing your child's comfort.


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