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Informations P'tits dessous

Underwear for your little one

P'tits Dessous means "Little Underwear" in french. More than standard cloth diapers, P'tits Dessous diapers are real underwear for your little one : special, technical, comfortable and durable.


Our cloth diapers have to be as easy to use as disposables, because our customers are modern and active parents.


Efficiency, pleasure, comfort... Discover why P'tits Dessous diapers have become a favourite in France.


Patented design

Because our pocket diapers are special, they were granted a patent. Easy to use, they dry quicky while being incredibly absorbent. Comfortable, they will keep your little one dry, and their soft leak barriers won't leave marks. They can be used by grandparents, daycares etc.


Special fabrics

P'tits Dessous diaper are a very technical product : they have to be thin but absorbent, soft but durable, dry quickly and withstand more than 300 washes. That's why we use the latest innovative textiles.


Super absorbent, always soft, bamboo is our favourite. Several years have been necessary to find a bamboo fabric which could be washed on hot with no damage, bamboo being a delicate fiber.


Light, modern, microfiber dries in a nutshell. The one we use is as soft as a teddy bear. 


On the outside, a thin and soft polyurethane membrane make our diapers waterproof. Our experience allowed us to develop a membrane that can go into the dryer and does not loose its waterproofness with time.


And because your baby's health is important to us, all the fabrics we used are Oeko-Tex 100 certified. The safest fabrics for your little one !


Comfortable fit

Because every baby is special, P'tits Dessous diapers will fit all shapes of babies. Their shape follows baby's curves, and the side closure doesn't cruch baby's tummy. Snaps are quick and easy to use, and our side closure system allows separate adjustment for legs and hips.


Long life

When choosing cloth diapers, you make a long time investment. Your cloth diapers will have to withstand 200 to 300 washes, 10 times more than a garment. Choosing durable quality diapers ensure that this investment will last.


All our diapers have been tested on the long run, and some have been used in daycare centers with intensive washing. Elastics, snaps, thread, everything has been designed to last. And all our diapers can go into the dryer.


7 years experience

For 7 years, P'tits Dessous diapers have been tested and approved by thousands of babies in France and Europe, and are known for their quality and efficiency. 6 years of experience to serve parents and babies.


And because a quality product requires no advertisement or marketing, we only communicate through word of mouth between satisfied parents.


Want to know more ? Discover who is behind P'tits Dessous diapers, and our ethics.


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