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Choosing your cloth diapers

Can I use cloth diapers from birth ?

You can use cloth diapers as soon as you come back from the maternity hospital. If you want to use cloth diapers early, choose small sizes (2,5-6kg or 2,5-9kg). 3-7kg and 3-9kg sizes can usually be used after 1 to 2 weeks. Onesize diapers, after 2 to 8 weeks. 

Why are there so many styles of cloth diapers ?

Different diapers for different needs : natural or synthetic fabrics, day or night-time diaper, onesize or multi-sized... It can also be your preference for a shape, a colour... It looks too hard to choose ? We are here to help. Send us an email with your needs (age of baby, daycare or home care, machine drying or not...), we'll reduce your choice to a few different diapers that suit your needs.

Should I choose onesize, or multi-sized diapers ?

In most cases, we recommend you buy several sizes. Not only they'll always fit your baby perfectly, but they'll be in better condition if you want to use them for another child, or resell them. Onesize diapers can be interested if you plan to have only one child, and if you begin using cloth diapers when he's "between two sizes".

Washing diapers seem a lot of work

Most of our customers are working mums, and often have more than one child. When you'll have got used to cloth diapers, you'll see that you finally spend very little time for washing. If you have a busy timetable, or if you won't be able to wash your diapers every couple of days, just buy more diapers : if you miss a wash, you'll still have fresh diapers on hand.


Health matters

Can my baby have an allergy to cloth diapers ?

All the fabrics we use for P'tits Dessous cloth diapers wear the Oko-Tex label, which guarantees they are free for harmful or allergen substances and dyes. You can use our diapers with confidence, whether they are made from natural or synthetic fabrics. The only possible allergy is an allergy to your laundry powder, that's why we recommend you follow our washing instricutions with care, and change your laundry powder if your child doens't tolerate it.

Is diaper rash more or less frequent with cloth diapers ?

There is no official study about it. But we noticed, when using our cloth diapers in daycares, that diaper rash tended to be less frequent. And most mothers who use cloth diapers use less diaper rash creams. Your baby may need a few days to get used to cloth. Some babies have a very sensitive skin and may not tolerate wet diapers, if so, you can add a microfleece stay-dry liner into your cloth diapers.

I live in a hot place, cloth diapers look warmer than disposables

Don't trust the thickness. Temperature inside cloth diapers is lower by 1°C to disposables. We have a lot of customers in hot countries, and they are very satisfied with their cloth diapers. The best fabric in hot countries is cotton against baby's skin. If the diaper feels damp, it's not perspiration, it's just urine.

Cloth diapers are thicker than disposables, will my baby walk later ?

Our parents, and most of us, wore cloth diapers, and we walked as early as our children do. Toddlers won't be bothered in their moves, because cloth diapers hold in place better than disposables do, and don't swell when wet. And if your baby's legs look slightly pushed aside, don't panic, that position is better for his hips.


Using cloth diapers

Will my daycare accept cloth diapers ?

The best thing to do is to show them a modern and attractive all-in-one diaper before telling them that you'd like to use cloth, to avoid wrong ideas. And always try to help them use your cloth diapers as easily as possible : choose all-in-one diapers, prepare diapers with the disposable liner, and give them with a good wet diaper bag.

Do cloth diapers have leak barriers like disposables ?

Yes, cloth diapers have elastics around the legs and at the back (and even on the front for some diapers) to keep messes inside. The two-part system, with a diaper and a cover, has two leak barriers, that's why we recommend it for breastfeeded babies.

Can I use cloth diapers at night ?

Of course ! Night diapers are more absorbent. You can also add one or two boosters to enhance your diapers' absorption if your baby is a heavy wetter.

Washing cloth diapers

Which laundry powder should I use for my cloth diapers ?

In most cases, you'll be able to keep your usual laundry powder to wash your diapers. We just recommend you cut by 4 the amount indicated on the box. You can use a regular or an ecological laundry powder. We also sell Potion, a laundry powder that was specially formulated for cloth diapers.

Don't use pure natural soaps, laundry nuts, or a laundry powder that contains a softener. They could create leaks or allergy.

Can I wash my cloth diapers without any laundry powder ?

Some devices sold on the web promise you that you'll be able to wash without any powder. Having no proven results about their efficiency, and from what we hear from our customers, we recommend you always use laundry powder. It's indispensable to wash and disinfect your cloth diapers.

What should I add to the wash ?

Nothing ! You can add a teaspoon of Nappyfresh to disinfect your diapers if your baby is sick. But we recommend you use no other additive to your wash.

Should I soak my diapers before washing ?

Soaking doesn't suit some modern fabrics, and it can be quite unpleasant for you. We recommend "dry soaking" : just put your wet diapers into a pail or a bucket and you are done. And you'll see that there's almost no smell.

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